Thursday, 6 October 2011

No Jobs

Just to warm up the cranky, cold old muscles and get myself in gear for an article I'm working on. I say working on; I mean 'thinking about icecream.' And getting sacked, which was a little unfair, though has thankfully it has removed a major source of stress from my life. I would consider that it has added a different source of stress - namely having no money - but considering I wasn't making a tremendous amount there anyway that worry is, as ever, still present. Oh, and Steve Jobs is dead, which makes my planned rant about Apple look a little misguided. Still, it's keeping Twitter busy, so who's to argue. The crux of the problem is that getting sacked has sort of put a downer on the planned piece, since it was supposed to be a light-hearted and yet hateful critique of the sort of person I found myself becoming, but now that I've been given the heave-ho for failing to tow the company line and fuck customers over the way they wanted, I sort of seem to emerge the hero. A lazy hero with no money, but a hero nonetheless. And quite honestly that's not my sort of article at all; I mean who blows their own trumpet like that? I don't even have a trumpet. No you shut up. Anyway, the upshot is I now reside back in the land of afternoons and coffee spoons, only I'm caffeine sensitive and will indulge a lie-in at the drop of a hat.